The Pool Rules

You can only create a pool in the Baby Pool iPhone app.

The pool creator may wish to add prizes to his or her pool and will list them when creating the pool.

After creating a pool, you can add participants by:
• Entering a guess directly into the Baby Pool iPhone app.
• Entering a guess online at
• Copy the link and paste to a text message.

Participants will not be added after the closing date.

A guess will be entered as "PENDING" if a participant guesses from the online website.

A pending guess is added to the pool when the pool creator accepts it from within the iPhone app. Pending guesses not accepted before the closing date are deleted.

Once the baby is born, go to the Announcement section in the Baby Pool iPhone app and fill out the baby's information.

You can announce your baby as much as you want. The announcement info is saved in the Announcement section and is visible on the website.

Pool winner(s) are calculated when you announce the baby.

Have fun!

Baby Pool Info and Support

Contact Baby Pool Support: support [at]

Contact K-livin' Support: support [at]

Baby Pool's Privacy Statement

Baby Pool's Terms of Use


Scores are calculated as follows:

100 points
Correct Gender

300 points
Correct Date/Time
(*subtract 5 points per hour from actual birth time)

100 points
Correct Name (in baby's gender)

25 points
First letter of name (in baby's gender)

100 points
Correct Weight
(*subtract 40 pts/lb or 88 pts/kg from actual birth weight)

100 points
Correct Length
(*subtract 30 pts/in or 12 pts/cm from actual birth length)

Total points possible: 725
* You cannot get less than 0 points in any category

We tried to come up with the most fair scoring method possible. Please email "support [at] klivin [dot] com" if you have any suggestions!